About the Author

I came to Planet Ship Earth under the astrological sign of Virgo—the Virgin, which reflect the fact that my mother had a virgin birth. I am a free thinker, who seeks answers to questions many feared to ask. Among my diverse aspirations is my desire to know the prerequisite for human manifestation on the physical plane.

When I was pretty young, I asked a question during one of my primary school sessions. The reaction to my question by my peers and faculties can be credited for my desire to know. The question I asked was, “Who taught the first teacher?” and everyone laughed at me.

At that time, I didn’t know they were only covering up their own inability. Later in life, I realized they were just feeding their egos, and I thanked the Universe for the experience.

I hold a Community Worker Diploma (H) from George Brown College, in Toronto, Canada, and received several accolades attesting to my community and charitable contributions. Among them is the Bob Marley Memorial Award bestowed by the Canadian Reggae Music Awards for my invaluable contribution to the development of Reggae Music in Canada.

I made my acting debut as a spiritual scientist in my first stage play, Ruff Neck Mamma, and donned a preacher’s collar in my latest radio drama, Jiggz and the Preacher.

I am the founder and CEO of Toronto’s Marcus Garvey Celebrations, which pays tribute to Marcus Mosiah Garvey—First National Hero of Jamaica and founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. The significance of this event is recognized at all levels of government.

I consider myself a very passionate writer of poetry, songs, plays, and scripts that will caress the silver screen in the very near future.

Among my many blessings are my unique knack for spotting raw talents, among which are recording artists: Leroy “Artist” Brown, Planet Earth, Leroy Gibbon, Winston Dias, Sheri-Lee Majors, D’Ras Simbaa, and the late Cynthia Delfenia.

My immediate quest is to assist with stamping out ignorance of self from among humanity. This I proclaim to be urgent and fundamental in uniting the human family. I consider myself already compensated for my efforts each day that I feel no pain, experiences no hunger, blessed with mobility, and embraces the desire to be of assistance to others.

When I was young and quite immature, I was taught that anything worthwhile doing is worthwhile doing well. I do not know about doing well in my endeavor as a writer, but I am committed to doing my best with what I’ve been blessed.

I hope that in the fullness of time my efforts will assist at least one other human being in their pursuit of a better life. If I manage to accomplish this minute goal, then I’ll know my efforts as a writer had not been in vain.