by Terry L. Brown

Planet Ship Earth has had many mythical stories. Intergalactic Tribunal™ is about the greatest one ever conceived, developed, and implemented. This powerful story grabbed the inhabitants of earth and sky, and convinced them that to believe is to know. As a result they remain in perpetual ignorance never seeking to know.

The main character of this Intergalactic Gospel Fiction is the only son of a man-made God, who created the universe in which he resides. He has no mate male of female. Everyone who wishes to live forever in bliss must pledge their lives to this Man Made God via the worship of his only begotten son.

Those that are not afraid to think will find the content of this book intriguing and thought provoking. They’ll realize that outrageous thoughts they have had are shared by others. They’ll be relieved to know they are not alone in this confusion, called human society.
Intergalactic Tribunal explores the effects of politics on the many individuals directly involved in policy-making. It delves into and challenges the conventions of religion and belief. This saga provides a socially conscious commentary on the effects of religion and politics on the countless individuals who fall under their rules - It also explores the turmoil that comes with openly refuting claims of established religious and, at times, fanatical ideologies.

Intergalactic Tribunal explores the concepts of Knowing and Believing: From the premise that to believe is to be in doubt, and that all things unknown must be believed until they are known.

This book is about:

  • True to life experiences
  • Governments and what needs to be done to ease pains of hunger, poverty, wars and crimes
  • Religion and its influences on the human family
  • Present profit-based economic system and why it has to die in order for people to live in abundance.

The story, despite being fictional and set in a futuristic time frame, provides insight into the current state of world politics, religion, religious practices, and their effects on the masses.
Intergalactic Tribunal is an unforgettable story.

Take a friend or a family member on your trip to UWaldaria and back. You’ll be enlightened, and you will be mighty happy you took the flight.

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